Health & Safety

TiZir invests in delivering health and safety inductions and construction-safe work practice training packages to employees and contractors.

Health, safety and environment risks are audited by an independent company each year, consistently confirming that a solid health and safety management system is in place and a strong safety culture in force.

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Health & Safety

GCO strives to create a safe and healthy workplace for everyone by providing employees with training and support to understand the risks associated with the operation and equipment and tools to perform their jobs safely.

An onsite, hi-tech and fully equipped medical clinic staffed by doctors and nurses ensures and promotes the physical and mental well-being of GCO’s workforce. A 4WD ambulance helps the medical team to respond to emergencies in the surrounding area. Both ambulance and clinic are configured to treat patients at an advanced life-support level.

Regular security and emergency exercises and drills are conducted to prepare emergency response teams (ERT) for urgent support. The ERT have exclusive access to breathing apparatus, firefighting uniforms, a fire truck and trailer and a fast response vehicle.

Dedicated safety officers deliver safety induction training in French, English and local dialects, providing safe work practice advice and participate in safety talks and workplace inspections. All incidents and accidents are investigated no matter how minor, allowing the ERT to set appropriate actions to prevent future occurrences.



TTI has a comprehensive health and safety culture, which is a crucial element of the company’s success and longevity. The company’s integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management System is certified and independently audited. TTI is committed to the reporting, investigation and analysis of any incidents at the smelter and strives to develop and implement corrective solutions.

TTI was awarded the Sikkerhetsprisen 2013 (The Safety Prize in 2013), a Norwegian smelting industry award that recognises excellence in Health and Safety performance. Jointly administered by Norsk Industri (Norway Industry – employer body) and Industri og Energi (Industry and Energy – employee body), the annual safety prize was awarded based on an extensive inspection of participating smelters in Norway. TTI’s 2013 performance was assessed alongside 20 industry peers, with the audit panel examining factors such as: training rates, safe working environments, in-plant tidiness and injury statistics and reporting.

Receipt of this prize and ongoing efforts to uphold these standards, are testament to the daily commitment TTI makes to continuously improve their Health and Safety standards. The company’s dedication to the Health and Safety of its employees is also reflected in TTI’s low employee turnover.


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