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TiZir disposes of industrial installations at two locations, TiZir Titanium & Iron (TTI) in Tyssedal, Norway and Grande Cote Operations (GCO) in Diogo, Senegal. TTI produces titanium slag and high purity pig iron (HPPI) and mineral sands such as ilmenite, zircon, rutile and leucoxene are produced at GCO’s mine.

TiZir’s strategy is to be a competitive and flexible producer serving its markets with high quality products. Most of our products are either transported to customers by bulk vessels or containers. Our location, on the Atlantic coast, offers competitive freight cost advantages to our customers.


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Titanium Slag

Titanium slag is produced in Norway and contains approximately 87% of titanium dioxide. This is mainly used in the production of titanium dioxide pigment. Titanium slag is enriched in titanium, which means that fewer by-products will be created when using slag instead of ilmenite when producing titanium dioxide pigment. The slag is also used as a feedstock for Ti sponge productions that is subsequently transformed into Ti metal.

Titanium dioxide pigment is a non-toxic white powder with high opacity, brilliant whiteness, excellent covering power and is resistant to colour change.  Most is used for pigments.  Paint, paper, plastic and ceramics all benefit from its ability to give brilliant whiteness, brightness, and opacity.  Other applications are for example sunscreen, ceramics and light and emission absorbing surfaces.



We produce ilmenite in Senegal. Ilmenite is the most abundant titanium mineral with a TiO2 content ranging from 35% to 65%. It is used for titanium slag production, as well as production of synthetic rutile and titanium dioxide pigment production. Two grades of ilmenite are produced by GCO in Senegal, with TiO2 contents of approximately 54% and 58%.

ilmenite1  ilmenite 3  Ilmenite2


Rutile / Leucoxene

Rutile and leucoxene are also produced in Senegal and are primarily used as a feedstock for production of titanium dioxide pigment as well as for production of titanium metal and in the welding industry. Whereas natural rutile typically contains between 94% and 96% TiO2, leucoxene from GCO contains between 86% and approximately 92% TiO2.


Rutile  Loading in Tyssedal

High Purity Pig Iron

Pig iron is produced as a co-product from titanium slag production in Norway and is an important product in the manufacturing cycle of high quality iron castings. The high purity of the pig iron from TTI makes it the ideal material for use in high quality automotive, engineering and energy casting components.



Zircon produced in Senegal is primarily used in the production of ceramics. It is employed widely in floor and wall tiles and sanitary white ware, due to its high opacity which gives a clear white colour to ceramics.

Zircon is also the feedstock material for zirconia and zirconium chemicals and metals.  Zirconia is used for ceramic pigments, refractory components and abrasives.  Zirconium chemicals are used for a wide range of products including pigment coatings, paper coatings, antiperspirants and paint dryers.  Due to its extreme hardness and high melting point, zirconium metal is predominantly used in the manufacturing of fuel rod casing in nuclear reactors.


wet table with ZRr concentrate   zircon sand    zircon2


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