TiZir strives to better world’s best practice in regard to the management of the impact its operations have on the environments in which it operates.  The company’s commitment to responsible environmental management and transparency is integral to its approach to sustainable development.  TiZir regularly reviews its environmental management policies to identify ways in which its performance may be improved and to ensure ongoing compliance with the codes and regulations issued by the relevant authorities of the countries within which it operates.

TiZir’s environmental management strategy is shaped by the knowledge of local communities, environmental experts and other relevant stakeholders.

At the Grande Côte Mineral Sands Operation


No chemical is used in GCO whole mining process and the tailings are immediately disposed in a controlled manner behind the dredge pond as it advances. GCO’s environmental programs focus on the rehabilitation of current mined dunes with the use of relevant means such as the establishment of a nursery with a production capacity of 300 000 high standard quality plants per annum; the implementation of a sound rehabilitation plan and a dedicated professional staff with suitable skills and equipment.

GCO’s rehabilitation strategy gives priority to native species and fruit bearing plants for the purpose of conservation of existing biodiversity and the creation of value added for the local community. This whole strategy is reinforced by the strong involvement of our hosting communities but also through protocols signed with competent governmental technical services such as Forest Department, local authorities etc. The end result is to ensure that GCO complies with its commitments and the rehabilitated areas remain at least as valuable to the local communities as prior to mining.

Besides rehabilitation, and in line with our EMSP, robust & continuous monitoring programs including groundwater, soils, waste water & various waste  generated by our activities, air quality, dust and noise are being carried out all through our mining & industrial sites to prevent wherever possible any harm to the environment and local communities; or otherwise minimise, mitigate and remediate the impacts.

At TiZir Titanium & Iron

TiZir Titanium & Iron (TTI) aims to minimise its environmental impact by monitoring dust, treatment of waste and precipitation and production of emissions into the air and sea.  In addition to complying with the regulations of the environmental authorities, TTI sets reduction targets and continuously identifies areas for improvement within these fields. TTI’s long term goal is to become the greenest TiO2 feedstock producer in the marketplace

The company has an established method of recycling hot water, generated by the pre-reduction process.  This recycling policy provides a number of benefits to the community by heating buildings in the district and for fish farming. Additionally, the smelter has been a “member” of RENAS (a recycling company for commercial electrical and electronic equipment) since 2000.

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