Company Overview

TiZir Limited is a vertically integrated zircon and titanium business which owns the Grande Côte mineral sands mine in Senegal and the TiZir Titanium and Iron ilmenite upgrading facility in Norway. The company is jointly owned 50/50 by Mineral Deposits Limited of Australia and ERAMET of France. TiZir benefits from ERAMET’s broad expertise in mining, metallurgy, logistics, R&D and marketing, and from Mineral Deposits’ development expertise and mineral sands mining experience.

About the Owners

ERAMET is a leading global producer of alloying metals, particularly manganese and nickel and high-performance special steels and alloys, used in industries such as aerospace, power generation and tooling.

The Group employs approximately 15,000 people in 20 countries.  ERAMET is part of Euronext Paris Compartment A and is listed on the MSCI index.


Mineral Deposits Limited is an Australian-based, ASX listed mining company with extensive mineral sands mining experience and development expertise. In early 2000, MDL shifted its focus from Australia to Senegal, West Africa, where it successfully built and operated the Sabodala gold mine – the first major resource project in Senegal for 50 years – before demerging the asset to focus on its mineral sands business.  The company brought the Grande Côte mineral sands project to the construction phase before moving the asset to TiZir in late 2011.

TiZir Limited Group Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy – A word from the Chairman

”Globally, corruption is recognised as generating distortions and inequities that damage business and communities.  Many jurisdictions, including the ones within which we operate, have strong laws regulating corruption.

“In terms of our business, there are intolerable legal, financial and reputational consequences if we, at any level within our organisation, condone, ignore or participate in corruption.

“We want our organisation and all of our people to work not only for the benefit of our financial stakeholders but also for a greater good for all of the individuals and communities we interact with in our business lives…”

Click here for the complete TiZir Limited ABC Policy

Board Members
Nic Limb – Chairman

Nic has professional qualifications as a geoscientist and worked in the mineral exploration sector for 10 years. In 1983 he joined a stockbroking firm as a corporate financier in the natural resources finance division and subsequently joined a major international investment bank as an executive director, again working in resources finance.

In 1993 he became managing director of a small, listed gold explorer which grew to a substantial gold producer prior to being taken over in 2000. In 1994 he formed Mineral Deposits and has acted as chairman since that time. During his tenure as chairman, MDL discovered and subsequently developed the large Sabodala gold project in Senegal and has progressed the Grande Côte mineral sands mine to its current production status.

Nic has been a non-executive director of a number of public companies over the last 20 years and currently holds a non-executive chair position with FAR Limited.

Kleber Silva – Director

Kleber, a Brazilian and British national, holds a degree in mining engineering from the School of Mines of the University of Ouro Preto (Brazil), as well as a master’s degree from Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Since 2006, he has been Executive Vice-President in charge of iron ore and coal with ArcelorMittal, after being General Manager of VALE’s mining operations in Brazil. He previously held various operating positions within the VALE Group in Brazil and with Quebec Cartier Mining in Canada.

Kleber joined ERAMET as Deputy CEO in charge of mining divisions on 1 April 2018. He is also a member of the executive committee.

Martin Ackland – Director

Martin is a qualified metallurgist who has spent over 40 years in the resources industry in a variety of roles that involved the creation of major resource groups from small capital bases. He has served as a director of a number of listed mining companies involved in gold, uranium and base metal production. From 1987 to 1995, Martin was an executive director of Ticor Limited (formerly Minproc Holdings Limited) where he was responsible for the successful implementation of the Tiwest Project – the world’s only integrated mineral sands mine, synthetic rutile and TiO2 pigment operation.

He brings to TiZir a very strong background in project development, particularly in mineral sands, at a time when the Grande Côte mineral sands project is a primary focus of attention. His experience embraces a range from project development through financing and capital raising in both the project and corporate areas.

Martin was appointed as an executive director of Mineral Deposits in 2003. He relinquished his executive role and became a non-executive director of MDL in June 2017.

Charles Nouel – Director


Charles qualified as a geoscientist more than 20 years ago. His various assignments in geology, mining engineering, project development and marketing has given him a wide and global view of the mining business. He has worked in France, Australia and New Caledonia for commodities such as Gold, Nickel and Manganese.

For the last seven years, Charles has been at ERAMET’s HQ in Paris, where he was Deputy VP Industrial of the Nickel division, then VP Ore Market of the Manganese division. More recently, he has also taken on the role of VP TiO2 and Zircon Business.

Robert Sennitt – Director

Rob Sennitt_1234Rob spent almost 25 years in the investment banking industry where his focus was advising companies in the natural resources sector on financial and strategic transactions. During that period, Rob was a managing director at RBC Capital Markets, an executive director at Macquarie Capital and also worked with J.P. Morgan in Australia.

In addition to serving on the boards of TiZir Limited, Grande Côte Operations SA and TiZir Titanium & Iron AS he is also a member of the TiZir joint operating committee, finance committee (chair) and strategy & risk committee.

Rob was appointed managing director of Mineral Deposits in April 2016 after serving as CEO from June 2015 following an initial period working with MDL on strategic and business development initiatives.

Thomas Devedjian – Director

Thomas Devedjian Yam Invest © Laurence de TerlineThomas is a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies (IEP), the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), and an alumnus of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA). He had various assignments in the French Civil Service where he was a technical advisor to a number of Finance Ministers.

After being Deputy Director of Investments with EURAZEO, he joined the French Strategic Investment Fund (FSI) in 2009. The company later integrated with Bpifrance and Thomas continued with the firm as director and member of the executive committee. In February 2014, he was appointed investment director of YAM Invest and CEO of Time for Growth.

Thomas joined the ERAMET Group in September 2015 and was appointed CFO on 1 January 2016.

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