TiZir continually seeks to improve its performance in all areas of sustainable development.  The company’s operations benefit local communities both directly and indirectly.  TiZir’s commitment is to improve the security, welfare and prosperity of the communities in which its people live and work, and where its business operates.  TiZir is invested in the creation of robust sustainable development policies and activities that are attuned to the needs and aspirations of local communities in Senegal and Norway.




GCO’s Community & Environment Department is well established and has developed solid relationships not only with host communities but also with governmental authorities and NGOs.

GCO puts great emphasis on social dialogue with its stakeholders, particularly the local communities, through an ongoing participatory process to provide them with updates on company activities and to gain feedback about their concerns and expectations in order to continuously improve stakeholder engagement plans and systems when necessary.

As a responsible mining company, GCO continues to help improve the lives of the local community, particularly those most impacted by its mining operations, through its Social Mining Program in key areas such as education, health and sanitation, water supply and community socio-economic development & capacity building. Projects already completed include the establishment of an ecovillage, resettlement housing project, health centres, ambulance service, provision of water supply to neighbouring villages, construction of schools, becoming a partner of AFRIVAC for Senegalese children immunisation programs, the implementation of campaigns for the fight against HIV/AIDS and aggressive malaria control programs in nearby villages. Small local businesses are supported by GCO and entrepreneurship programs have been set up for its host community. As part of its mining operations, GCO directly employs almost 500 locals with much of this employment being in skilled, capacity-building positions. Additionally, wherever possible the company uses Senegalese contractors.

With regards to land compensation, GCO has developed strategies and rates which are amongst Senegal best practice. When moving a local population is unavoidable, involuntary community resettlement is handled based on the IFC and World Bank standards and guidelines in joint collaboration with the Senegalese authorities.

GCO’s objective is to run its operations efficiently and to share the benefits with its host communities and the entire Senegalese nation with the least adverse impact, a goal the company is consistently striving to achieve.



As the largest employer in Tyssedal, TTI’s goal is to maintain its position as an active and responsible member of the Tyssedal community. The company strives to achieve this goal in a number of ways:

TTI is committed to maintaining an active apprenticeship program and increasing employment opportunities for women at the site. The company also provides support to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology by employing a Research and Development faculty member and financially supporting postgraduate students.

A fund has been dedicated to foster improvements in the health and cultural vibrancy of the Tyssedal community. Over the years, the company has provided assistance to local clubs and organisations such as the Tyssedal Sport and Athletics Club and the community choir. TTI also actively pursues opportunities with local teams and organisations to utilise common resources, which to date has resulted in the construction of two artificial football pitches and a sports centre.

TTI supports neighbouring businesses through the purchase of goods and services, regularly lending company equipment to employees and also arranging social events for employees (both retired and current) and their families. TTI ensures that its neighbours and key stakeholders are regularly informed of its activities via the distribution of reports published in both Norwegian and English.

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