• TiZir Limited
    TiZir Limited, a 50/50 joint venture between Mineral Deposits and
    Eramet, combines the Grande Côte project and Tyssedal -
    an ilmenite upgrading facility in Norway
  • Grande Côte
    Grande Côte, over an expected mine life of at least 20 years,
    is anticipated to produce approximately 7% of zircon & 5% of titanium feedstock supplies globally
  • Tyssedal
    The Tyssedal ilmenite upgrading facility has been producing
    titanium slag and high purity pig iron since 1986. It is the only
    such facility in Europe and only one of five in the world
  • Environment
    Operating in a responsible manner, TiZir integrates leading international
    best practices of the mining industry into all its activities
  • Construction Milestones of the Grande Côte Mineral Sands Project in Senegal, West Africa
  • Product transportation logistics

Grande Côte

The Grande Côte Mineral Sands Project is set to become one of the largest producers of zircon and titanium dioxide products globally. The mine is located 150km north of Dakar in Senegal. The Government of the Republic of Senegal is a valued project partner.
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The Tyssedal Ilmenite Upgrading Facility has been producing upgraded ilmenite and high purity pig iron since 1986, the only such facility in Europe and one of only five in the world.  The Tyssedal plant was contributed by Eramet as part of the TiZir joint venture formed with MDL in late 2011.
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